Inexpensive DIY Greenhouses

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When I have a house and some land, I’ll have to build one of these greenhouses for myself.  They’re so cute and fun.

Paw Protectors

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These will come in handy later I’m sure.

Collars To Buy

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A friend of mine alerted me to these collars.  I think I’ll give them a whirl soon as the dogs’ new beach collars.  They seem easily washable and durable.  I’ll post more if/when I get them.


Posted December 16th, 2011 by urban_bo_peep. Comment (1).

None of the land I emailed about worked out.  I’ll keep on looking though.  It would be so much easier if California wasn’t so nice to live in.  I could just move home to Texas and get 20 acres for nothing. :(   Oh well, it’ll work out eventually.

The Search For Land Continues

Posted September 13th, 2011 by urban_bo_peep. Comment (1).

I was in Portland last week for a conference and ended up drooling over the lush landscape. There is so much greenery and tree cover. I’m still searching for land and emailed about three plots yesterday.  Two were about 5 acres and one was 38 acres. I’m hoping they email back that at least one meet my requirements. The faster I find appropriate land, the faster I can do my hobbies every day!

Fruits of My Garden!

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Well, not really fruits, so much as foods that have come from my garden. We made pasta with everything that was fresh and ripe in the garden with a few additions from the fridge.



Also, while my mom was here, we took a few peppers and some basil and made eggs!



How Does Your Garden Grow?

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SO! The last time I posted things from my new garden, they were tiny. They’ve grown so much they’re really starting to look like food! I’ve even added a few Sweet Pea plants and I now have my first Gypsy Bell starting to grow!  I can’t wait to be able to eat something I’ve grown myself!  I know there won’t be much for one season, but it will be something I can be proud of!

Double Tomato Action

Gypsy Bell Pepper

Sweet Peas

Red Bell Pepper

A Wonderful Surprise

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I’m constantly fascinated at how our food actually grows. This small patio garden has been such a fantastic learning experience, and I keep checking my plants like some kid at Christmas trying to see every small change, every minute growth in the plants. I went to the patio this morning and found something awesome. One of the zucchini plants FLOWERED!!! And they’re pretty. Last night they were closed and small and this morning they’d fully bloomed.

My Zucchini!

What I Love About Dogs

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Money has no value. It does not matter to my pups if I hand them a $30 toy or a Dollar Store toy. They’re just as excited to get something new. They pick them up and prance around the condo tails wagging just the same. They don’t understand the meaning of “last season” or “discount.” The only thing that really matters to them is how I treat them. Food, fun and friendship. That’s really all they need to be happy campers and I love them for it.

Dis Box Is Fun! (PLZ don't take it away)

Urban Farming Is Working!

Posted April 6th, 2011 by urban_bo_peep. Comments (2).

So! My St. Patty’s Day garden has finally started to show signs of life! I have a couple of tiny green tomatoes and a few bell peppers sprouting! I’m so excited to see them grow and become food!

Red Bell Pepper

Early Blush Girl Tomato

Gypsy Bell Peppers